Easy Steps To A Killer Resignation Letter

Resignation letters are still very much in vogue and are important for reasons other than professional etiquette. We're explaining why and how to create yours!

If you're wondering why a resignation letter matters, then wonder no longer. When you resign, your resignation letter will stay in your employee file at most organizations and provides supporting documentation that you left on good terms.

I know you may be thinking, "Why should I care about my employee file from an old job?" Well, that's easy to answer as well; references and future opportunities.

A resignation letter isn't just a professional formality. When well written, a resignation letter is an impactful tool that allows you to leave a job on a high note, while protecting your professional interests.

So, before you run off to the bar to celebrate your new job with friends, sit down and draft a killer resignation letter following these 3 easy steps!

Do Not Be Long Winded

A resignation letter shouldn't read like a lecture. It should be a well formatted document, designed to set expectations for both parties, as you wind down your employment. It should be smart, polished and well structured, not rambling and confusing.

Define Important Timelines And I Owes In Your Resignation Letter

A well-crafted resignation letter not only defines your last day of employment, but also any outstanding issues such as when you will return a company car, phone or laptop. Your resignation letter should also cover any monies you believe are due for payment upon leaving. Get it in writing so details are not confused or brushed under the rug after your employment ends.

Be Generous

A resignation letter should thank your boss and employer for the effort and time they've invested in your career. Even if you are full of glee to quit your job, the truth is, if you didn't have the opportunity to work for your current boss and employer, you may not have been ready to step into the new role you accepted.

Sometimes it is difficult to admit a boss helped your career advancement, especially if a relationship was rocky. But, if you're honest you know they did. Be professional, thank them. You won't regret leaving with excellence!

Still Need Help Resigning

A resignation is something you should take seriously.

Everyone understands they shouldn't burn a bridge, but don't forget to keep overpasses and side roads intact too; careers don’t travel in a straight line and you never know when you might cross paths with a boss or employer in the future!

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