Simple Ways To Make Returning To Work After Vacation Easy

That time of year has arrived; everyone’s excited about a pending vacation! While going away is awesome and provides much-needed rest and relaxation, returning to work after a vacation can be overwhelming.

To help you ensure a smooth, stress-free return to the office, we're showing you how to formulate a foolproof re-entry plan!

7 Point Re-Entry Plan For Returning To Work After Vacation

1. Have your ducks in a row before you leave for vacation. This is critical for ensuring you enjoy your vacation without interruptions from the office, but it also makes returning much easier. Tie up loose ends and delegate lingering items to ensure you don’t return to a pile of urgent to do’s, angry customers and annoyed co-workers.

2. Stop talking about your dreaded return while you’re on vacation! Wasting the last few days of your time away lamenting your return after vacation sets a negative tone for the final days of your trip. Let’s face it, if you’re that bummed out about returning to your job, it’s time to make a career change.

3. When returning to work after vacation, get back to your morning routine immediately. This means if you arrive home from your trip Saturday night, then Sunday morning jump right back into your regular routine. Running, exercising or just having a coffee and watching the news-whatever you normally do-don’t skip it. Bouncing back from vacation will be much easier when you return to your normal activities.

4. Set your alarm 15-20 minutes early on the first day back to work after a vacation to allow extra time for a quick email check. Don’t craft responses or read every note, just scan your inbox. You’ll be better prepared for what’s waiting for you at the office.

5. Jump into your work with both feet by planning an early morning staff meeting or a catch-up session with your boss your first day back. Don’t allow yourself the luxury of sitting at your desk, drinking coffee and flipping through vacation pictures on IG. A scheduled meeting ensures you won’t sleep in and immediately takes your mind out of vacation mode and into business as usual.

6. Block your lunch calendar from co-workers until late in the week. Focus on getting up to speed the first few days back and you won’t feel the pressure of a pending avalanche of things to do. Once you’re back in the swing of things, lunch with co-workers is a great way to regroup and share vacation pictures.

7. Be present. Don’t refer to “vacation time” in your mind every time you glance at the clock. Focus on what’s in front of you and you’ll be happier and more productive. Allowing your mind to continually float back to your vacation can cause negative thoughts about your job.

Make your vacation a priority while you’re away and completely unplug from work. When you return, follow your re-entry plan and plugging back in will be something to look forward to instead of an overwhelming catastrophe.


Recognized nationally as an industry leader in resume writing and career coaching, Jeanna McGinnis, CPRW is the Director of Client Triumph at Mentor Happy and a recognized Career Coach for Forbes Coaches Council. Jeanna previously held the position of AVP, Career Strategy with our parent company, A Players Executive Search Group Inc. where she remains a board member and active leader. Leveraging more than 16 years of experience directing hiring practices, career development and outplacement programs for multiple Fortune 100 companies, Jeanna and the Mentor Happy team are refreshing how busy professionals brand, market and drive their careers. Please connect with Jeanna on LinkedIn or the Mentor Happy team on Twitter to manage your career on your terms!