• What Does Your Resume Say About You?

    Writing a resume is easy. You list everything you do, add bullets, throw in some keywords, maybe a formatting trick you learned in college, a quick spell check and boom you're set!

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  • Common Resume Mistakes

    Sitting down to create your resume? Your mind is probably running, thinking about your abilities, accomplishments and skill set. But, do you know how to translate all those awesome things to your resume?

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  • Is Your Objective Statement Killing Your Resume

    Without a doubt, the number one question we receive as Certified Professional Resume Writers is: ”Should I use an objective statement on my resume?” What do you think our answer is?

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  • Should You Lie On Your Resume?

    Pursuing a dream job requires creativity. Exploiting every angle to give yourself an edge makes sense. But, should you lie on your resume to get it?

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