Is Your Communication During Your Job Search On Point

Phone etiquette is important in your job hunt. And, I’m guessing, that doesn’t come as a surprise. But knowing something and doing it are two different things. How are you engaging with hiring managers?

Professional presence in your job search can make or break your ability to land job interviews and even job offers. How you interact with the hiring team is measured every step of the way. From too little engagement, to engagement overkill – it all matters. Let’s look at some mistakes you may be making that you aren’t even aware of.

Waiting Too Long To Respond To Messages

A huge mistake you may be tempted to make is playing it cool during a job search. I’m sure you want to be hired by a company that’s eager to have you join their team. On the flip side, the hiring team feels the same. They want to onboard someone who is excited, engaged and ready to hit the ground running.

When you hold your cards too close to your chest and game the process by delaying responses, you risk sending the wrong message. Most companies aren’t excited to hire someone who seems aloof and uninterested.

You Reach Out Way Too Much

While it’s a bad idea to seem aloof during a job search, it’s equally as bad when you light up a hiring managers phone or email. We’ve established that everyone wants to hire someone who is engaged, but they aren’t looking to hire someone who is crazy or doesn’t understand business correspondence and timing.

To ensure you don’t fall into the psycho candidate pile, your cadence in following up needs to be measured. Basically, don’t reach out repeatedly – whether it’s multiple times a day or a week, you’re overstepping your boundaries when you call or email too frequently.

To help you stay between the white and yellow lines, write questions or comments down as you think of them. Then, draft one piece of correspondence or schedule one call to cover all the topics at once. If you don’t follow this advice, I can assure you that you’ll be viewed as unprofessional and self-absorbed.

Leave Voicemails

When you do reach out via phone, leave a voicemail. Don’t call repeatedly until you get an answer.

Hiring managers are busy, and they often bounce from call to call. When you call repeatedly, without leaving a message you may as well hold up a sign that says, “I am clueless about professional engagement”.

Calling repeatedly without leaving a message is dumb. And, if you think no one will know the difference, think again. Most companies have caller ID on all office phones and company cell phones.

Remain Professional At All Costs

Whether your texting, emailing or on the phone, remain polished in your communication style and approach. Don’t let your guard down, regardless of your comfort level with the hiring team. That means, zero emojis, zero smiley face emails, zero profanity and zero trending hashtags.

You’re not talking with a friend or your mom. Set the table to be viewed as a polished, high caliber candidate by playing the part! If you have questions, rattle my cage! Happy hunting! – Michael

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