Giving Back Professionally: Who Are You Thankful For

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for friends, family and life. Many people will touch your professional life; how do you recognize those few whom really count?

As I look at my life, I have many people I am thankful for, but today I am focusing on my professional contacts.

Your career success is only possible with the help of those around you. It's important to give back and be conscious of what you're taking from the professional world.

Take time to thank the people in your life whom helped you learn and grow in your career. Continue to seek opportunities to develop by networking and embracing professional relationships; when possible, give back by helping others do the same.

As you read about the professionals I am thankful for, take time to consider who you're thankful for in your career.


Our clients are extremely motivating and inspiring! Your professional achievement and eagerness to push for more, do more and challenge the status quo is incredible.

I am thankful you have chosen my team as your partner in your career journey! I never lose sight of the fact that the work we do, and the quality of our service,  impacts your life and career in more ways than one.

We're not just creating you a resume, we're impacting your professional development, your job search and your ability to confidently pursue your professional dreams and passions.

It's important to me that we deliver not just a quality resume and coaching service, but a human element that positively impacts the lives and careers of those around us. Your trust in me and my team is humbling and rewarding; your success is our success. So thank you to each and every client, both past and present, you've each allowed us the ability to impact your life and career! I'm extremely grateful for that and am working on the next big thing to help you even more. Stay tuned as we move into 2018, big things are coming and I think you'll love it!


I've had several professional mentors. Some have come and gone; a few are consistently present. Regardless of their current status in my career, I can assure you the support and tough love my mentors have provided over the years has clearly impacted my career growth and professional trajectory.

My mentors have helped me reach great levels of success, and wade through the murk of failure. I work to repay my mentors by mentoring those around me. In a small way, giving back allows me to acknowledge the time and effort others have given me.


Much like you I'm sure, I've had peers throughout my career who've helped me grow and develop; I've also had a few others I’d prefer to forget. Regardless of the relationship, my peers have taught me how to succeed and how to fail.

To all of my peers who showed me that getting up early each day and giving it your all is the key to success, thank you. You remain a motivation to me and I think about you frequently. Hats off to your continued success!


As a leader, there is no better feeling than knowing you're impacting the lives of your team in a positive fashion. My team challenges me daily to be the best leader I can. Helping them reach their professional goals and flourish is rewarding.

Any success I have had, I share with my team. Without their effort, dedication and creative minds, ReResumeMe would look and feel very different. Thank you guys for everything you do. I look forward to continuing to grow as an organization; your effort and talent is integral to our success! Here's to our future!

Be Thankful Each Day

For those of you who follow our blog, I recently wrote a post about thanking those around you daily. As we look towards 2018, I will continue to focus on saying thank you and helping those around me. I would encourage you to do the same.

Sometime we get lost in the day to day bustle, but our career success isn’t isolated to our efforts alone. Focus on doing good, helping others and giving back professionally. Doing so will help your career and you’ll feel great that you helped someone else! Check out our blog for your daily dose of professional guidance. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

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Recognized nationally as an industry leader in resume writing and career coaching, Jeanna McGinnis, CPRW is a Founding Board Member at ReResumeMe.com, a Board Member at A Players Executive Search Group Inc. and a recognized Coach for Forbes Coaches Council. Leveraging more than 16 years of experience directing hiring practices for multiple Fortune 100 companies, Jeanna and her team are refreshing how busy professionals brand, market and drive their careers. Please connect with Jeanna on LinkedIn or the ReResumeMe team on Twitter to simplify your career with updates on careers, job search and resume best practices!