Horrible Job Interviews? How To Fix That

Interviews are mysterious events. Everyone tells you “basically” what to expect, but you’re not basic so how does that help?

I feel you. Basically, doesn’t cut it does it! If I told you how to basically bake a cake, your cake would basically suck! Using this logic to prepare for a job interview it terrible.

Instead of telling you steps to follow, what to research and how to dress, I’m going to focus on you. Sure, those other things add up, and you need to prep for every possibility: behavioral interviews, panel interviews and the often-odd human resources interview. But, have you ever considered that you’re the sole reason you’re bombing interviews?

What if I told you, that your skills in the actual interview prep space are decent and that your dress clothes are on point. So that leaves only one loose end, you.

I Can Picture It Now, The Moment You Start Sucking

You’re pressed and dressed, resume in hand. You walk into the reception area ready to rock it. You saunter into the interview room and you’re feeling pretty good. Then, ten minutes in, it’s horrible. Crap, another one I can flush down the drain.

That’s it. It just happened – you sucked.

Why does this keep happening? Are you destined to replay this event at every interview like a bad version of ground hog day? Maybe, unless you adjust.

What Are You Thinking Before Your Job Interview

Prepping for a job interview only gets you so far in an interview; vetting what you’re thinking and feeling is just as important as understanding the market position of the company you’re interviewing with. Have you read the job description repeatedly? What’s your thoughts? Are you a perfect match? Is the role a stretch for you? What causes you to feel the way you do?

I know I’m peppering you with a million questions to consider, but unless you can identify why you are a match for the role you’re interviewing for, you’ll struggle in your interview. Identifying the key elements of the role, which align with your skills, is the first step to building your confidence when interviewing. The absolute worst thing you can do is to become self-defeating before you even arrive to the interview! So, stop being negative. Stop having conversations with yourself that focus on why you aren’t going to land an offer.

Start focusing on the positives. What do you bring to the table that matches the hiring manager’s needs? How can you share insight, examples and equitable reasons for why you’re a fit for the opportunity and why you should be hired?

Your Mind Controls The Job Universe

Ok, maybe I can’t prove that your mind controls the universe, but I may be able to so hear me out.

One thing I am certain of is the way I approach the day, my team and business relationships, directly impacts the results of each of those engagements. If I enter a meeting annoyed, my team senses that. They immediately become defensive. It’s human nature. Conversely, when I walk into a meeting upbeat and eager to hear my team’s ideas and thoughts, engagement soars and our meetings are highly productive. I control my universe and so do you, we all do.

You don’t realize it, but when you walk into an interview, you subconsciously send signals; you're directing your "interview universe" at that point.Do you send a signal of excitement, interest and eagerness? Or are you sending a signal of nervousness and uncertainty? I’m sure you’d prefer to send the former signal versus the latter so it’s imperative that part of your interview process be focused on self-reflection and self-awareness.

Take time to understand your strengths, weaknesses and capabilities. Take time to truly understand the job description and define exactly why you are a fit for the opportunity. Then, study the job description. Study it again, and again and again, until it sinks in and you believe you are a fit!

One of the biggest struggles our clients face during a job search is a lack of self confidence. Learning to believe in yourself and know that you've got what it takes to land an awesome gig is critical to interviewing well. Believe in yourself and begin by considering the fact that if know the company you're interviewing with wasn’t interested in you, then you’d never be called in to interview with them.

If you’ve worked with me for 1:1 coaching then you know what I’m going to say next – hiring managers desperately want to hire you. They schedule interviews to hire someone. Each person that walks in that door to interview is the one person they're hoping to hire, until you prove you aren’t. So, prove you are and Be Amazing! – Jeanna

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