How To Stay Positive At Work When You Hate Your Job

Struggling to find happiness in your career? Staying positive at work can seem impossible when you're miserable at work. So how do you suck it up and keep smiling?

When you're unhappy professionally, your misery literally sucks the life out of every relationship you have. You're terrible to be around every Sunday as Monday looms. You're quick tempered with everyone you come in contact with. The obvious solution, look for a new job. But, until you land a new role, how do you cope?

Force Yourself To Change Your Perspective

Instead of moaning about your job and focusing on the negative, take a positive mindset. Go into the office thinking "what can I do to make this situation better?" Having a positive outlook won’t magically fix the job you hate, but positive thinking will improve your mood and will make work more tolerable. If you stay positive at work, you will feel better and your attitude will improve.

Create Three Short-term Goals And One Long-term Goal

Setting goals when you're actively looking to leave a job probably seems ridiculous to you. But, having goals at your current position while you search for a new position will help you remain plugged in. The worst thing you can do during a job search is completely disengage with your current role. Being able to confidently discuss current projects and accomplishments will help you in job interviews. Having goals will also give you something to work towards instead of feeling like you're treading water and passing time.

Take Your Lunch Break Outside The Office

If you always eat at your desk, or go to the same restaurant every day, change it up. If weather is nice, eat outside at a local park, read a book or just listen to music. Visit new restaurants, eat with different co-workers or simply eat alone and take a break from all of the noise at the office. Getting out of your normal routine will freshen things up and help you stay positive at work.

Do Not Watch The Clock

Statistics show that clock watchers are 82% less engaged and happy at their job. I assume a large part of this is because you dread coming in to work and can’t wait to leave. Instead of remaining busy and letting time fly by, as a clock watcher, you dwell on when your lunch break will come and count the minutes until the 5 pm bell rings. Instead of focusing on time, just focus on your work and the days and weeks will go much faster.

Recall How Happy You Were To Land Your Current Job

Whatever has made you miserable now wasn’t always an issue was it? Once upon a time you were happy in your job. So, try to reflect on what you love about your job.

Think back on when you first started. Remember how excited you were? Use that enthusiasm to carry you through until you land a new role. Focus on co-workers and tasks that energize you. Stay away from negative office gossip and focus on learning something new each day, just like you did when you first started.

Stay Positive At Work

While none of this advice will make you jazzed about a job you hate, it will definitely improve your short-term situation until you land your dream position. Stay positive at work, stay engaged and don’t become your own worst enemy. Things will get better!

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