I Am Cornholed: Dumb Things Said In A Job Interview

Interviewing is stressful. Even the most prepared will stumble and when you do what falls out of your mouth can be humiliating! Check out these true stories!

Ok, brace yourself for these true job interview fails! We'll go ahead and apologize now because... well, we're sorry, but we just can’t help but laugh at the dumb things we’ve heard candidates say in interviews! Some comments are hilarious and some are just thoughtless. Do yourself a favor though and make sure you don’t make our dumb things you can’t say in a job interview short list!


Irregardless is a word people use - well more appropriately it isn’t a word at all - but for some reason it hangs on. I’m not sure where the term irregardless started, or why people continue to use it, but it is not a word. Don’t use irregardless in an interview.


Pacific? Pacific what? Don’t tell me you are thinking pacificly speaking! Unless you're planning to meet at the ocean for your job interview, and you need to verify what coast you'll be meeting at, don’t ask for pacifics!

Physical Year

Has your job interview turned into a talk about the latest workout craze or are you talking budgets, year-end close and company reporting? Come on, you're better than that! Physical year is dumb and has no place in your vocabulary. Let's shoot for big people conversation and use fiscal. Ok?

Do You Know What I’m Saying

Do you know what I’m saying? No seriously, do you because I want to double check. Unless the person in front of you is a toddler, it’s a safe bet they in fact do "know what you're saying".

I’m Cornholed In My Current Position

Interesting, but please do not elaborate on what that means exactly. Let’s just pretend you didn’t say that and move forward with the interview.

Can You Email Me - I Don’t Have A Pen

What? You don’t have a pen? Because this is a phone interview and I can’t actually see what you are doing, I immediately assume you are taking notes on your device when you state “I don’t have a pen”. However, after quickly processing what you’ve said, I realize you're not taking notes electronically or you would simply jot down my contact information. So for clarity, are you telling me we’ve talked for 40 minutes and you've not taken a single note? Fail.

Let Me Grab This Call It Will Be Quick

Grab this call? Okay, I’ll sit and wait while you make a quick plan for dinner with your friends tonight. What are you thinking? By the way hiring managers - this goes for you too. Don't interrupt an interview to take a call. It's rude.

Do You Mind If I Eat - I’m On My Lunch Break

Since you have a cute little snack pack from Starbucks in your hand, I can only assume you've decided it's ok to eat during your interview. So, sure knock yourself out. Chomp away, but please don’t spill anything. We just had our concrete floors refinished.

I Didn’t Bring A Resume - I Figured You Had One

I do have “one” as fate would have it, but in the spirit of being prepared, so should you.

Sorry My Dog Is Barking - He Gets Excited When He Sees A Squirrel

Squirrel indeed, because that’s a squirrely thing to say. Your dog shouldn’t be heard during a phone interview or any professional call for that matter. At least front as if you're interested in the conversation and find a quite place for a phone interview.

Interviewing is stressful. While our dumb things you cant say in a job interview list is absolutely ridiculous, they are true scenarios we have experienced. If you're actively interviewing, then you know how hard it can be to answer every question with finesse and candor. Our Interview Preparation Career Coaching allows you to work with an Industry Certified Career Coach - a professional coach experienced in your field. We understand the questions hiring managers ask and can help you position yourself to be an all star interviewer! Don't wing it. Get started now!!

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