Performance Review Time. How Do You Measure Up

Performance reviews. Some people hate them, some love them. Regardless of your stance on the process, do you know how you stack rank?

If not, you should.

Whether your company does a yearly review or quarterly review, you should have a firm grasp on your level of contribution to your team. Not for boss’s gratification, not for your peers to judge you by, but for your own personal and professional goals.

Many people view performance reviews as a path to open judgement. An attack of your abilities, capabilities and value as an employee. If this is how you see a performance review, it’s time to change that.

A performance review isn’t about your boss or anyone else. It’s a tool for you to use to grow, develop and expand your skillset. Here’s how.

What Are Your Strengths

Going over your strengths with your boss, this is the easy part. Patiently listening as your boss tells you how wonderful you and what areas of your career you’re crushing. But if you’re smart, there’s more to the story.

Understanding how others view your capabilities and what skills and traits they value is not only great insight into your overall performance, but also indicators of areas you should continue to build upon.

Most people view their strengths as just that,  areas that they excel in and don’t really need to focus on. However, I firmly believe that strengths can be improved. You can sharpen your skills and become so proficient in a certain space that you not only succeed in this realm, but you also dominate it.

When you dominate key areas of your career you will build a reputation as a “go to” within your area of focus. An expert. A thought leader. Being an expert in a specific area or skill allows you to capitalize on job opportunities, job offers and internal promotions.

Polish your strengths.

Weaknesses? Yes, You Have Them And Here’s How To Deal

Ok, so now that I covered strengths, you had to see weaknesses coming. We all have areas of improvement. We aren’t perfect and we can improve. When it’s time to cover improvement areas in your review, don’t get upset, defend or make excuses. Be a sponge and take it all in.

When you walk away, reflect on what weaknesses were presented during your review. Are these items holding you back from professional growth? What can you do to change these items and/or improve?

Focus on your weaknesses, but don’t dig in so deep that you lose sight of sharpening your strengths. Weaknesses should be improved, but you can’t focus only on your weaknesses. If you do, you’ll struggle to remain engaged and performing at a high level.

Look At Your Review Through A Lens Of Opportunity

You shouldn’t view your performance review as a beat down. It’s not a one-way conversation either. It’s an opportunity for you to engage with your performance and with you boss. Dig in, ask questions about next steps in your career, mentoring opportunities and developmental paths. Don’t waste the opportunity to showcase your interest in learning, growing and progressing in your career. Take advantage of your performance review. Don’t pout about it. Upward and onward! – Michael

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