Prep For Next Years Job Search Now

Super focused on the holidays? I know it’s an exciting time of the year, but you need to make time for your job search right now. Our list makes it easy!

Look I get it. Year end is the perfect time to let go and relax a little. I know parties, friends and family is your primary focus for the next few weeks; making it hard to think about your current professional situation. However, when January hits and you’re headed back into the office to tackle a job you hate, you’ll wish you had started preparing for your job search sooner.

Make A Plan Stan, Your Job Search Will Thank You

If you want to begin a productive job search, you need a plan. Don’t allow fate to push your job search any way the wind blows! Sit down and create a plan of attack. You need to have a formal plan that includes what you’re looking for in your next role and how you intend to make it happen!

Create A Resume Wire Frame

You can’t expect to launch an epic search with a resume that looks like a second grader created it. Before you waste time writing your resume, define the goal, branding message and design for your unique resume. Online templates won’t cut it.

Build out a rough sketch or “wire frame” of your resume (think of it as a simple rough design on paper – not with actual wire) Your wire frame is a guide of how you want your resume to appear and look once it’s written. You’re not creating content just yet, only designing the format.

Define Your Message

Your branding during a job search is critical. Defining your brand requires thought. You need to message yourself clearly, while being mindful of key words and your overall goals. Your brand will need to seamlessly translate across all your job search tools including your resume, cover letter, interview thank you notes and LinkedIn profile.

This Isn’t a Huge Ask

Ok, so the above items are easy to begin. You don’t need to spend hours on this, but you need to start. If you want to launch a job search with a bang next year, make time to cover the basics now.

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