Should You Rebrand Your Professional Image

Rebranding is hard, we’re doing it now as an organization, so we totally get it! But, how do you begin a rebrand in your career? Is it possible for you to reinvent the wheel?

Good news, it's completely possible to rebrand your professional image! While it’s hard to do, especially within your current company, with a little effort it’s totally possible.

If you’re a current client of ours, or a fan who follows our VIP group and/or blog, then you know we’ve been hustling behind the scenes to design, build and launch an entirely new experience for you. It’s super exciting, but nerve wracking as well.

There's a lot to consider. For example, once we launch under our new brand, new clients  won’t think much of it. But what will our legacy clients think? Will they like the change? Will they hang in there with us? Time will tell I suppose. Which is the exact same thing you need to know as you rebrand your image and professional brand. Allow me to explain.

Signs Are Pointing Towards A Rebrand

You know it’s time for a refresh and a new professional you. The LinkedIn profile you made after college, or after your first managerial role (slide in the correct description), no longer reflects you, your capabilities or the level of roles you’d like to be considered for. But how do you transition without making your boss and peers think you’re trying to quit? How do you begin acting the part of the new you? How do you make your current team take the new you seriously? The direct answer is, there’s no easy way to do it and you may lose some followers along the way. But, that’s no excuse to not unleash the new and improved you onto the world! So, let’s light this thing!

Attitude Reflects Leadership

We’ve all been there. Starting out in the professional world is hard and you've likely slipped a few times. Instead of buying into the image of a goof ball (or whatever tag you've been given around the office) hit reset. Stop feeling compelled to play the part. Walk into the office tomorrow and pretend its day one. Start over.

When you behave differently at work, you may be teased by your buddies at the water cooler, you may feel ostracized by the gossip girls you normally lunch with. Shrug it off and press forward, you’re not in college. Popularity contests are over and it’s ok if you’re not invited to beer pong any longer.

Your career is important and if you think you’ll be hanging out with your little office clique in a few years, think again. Companies retain talent, not bodies. The odds are those pals you've collected aren't as focused as you and they're only holding you back. It’s time to move forward professionally. If you wanted to be viewed as a leader, act like a leader.

Moving forward doesn’t = being a jerk. It simply means stepping up your game. Carrying yourself more professionally, dressing the part and contributing more. If you stay the course and dedicate yourself to changing,  Sr. leadership will notice.

If Your LinkedIn Profile Isn’t Representing, It Needs To

Read your LinkedIn profile and pretend you don’t know yourself. Imagine that you’ve never met this person. Would you like to meet them? Better yet, would you like to hire him or her?

Your LinkedIn profile is where the magic happens. This is the key to being found organically by recruiters searching for top talent. This is where clients go to determine whether you’ve got what it takes to help their business. This is where internal partners, whom don’t know you, turn when you’ve applied for an internal promotion. If your profile isn’t lit, it’s time to reset.

I know what you’re thinking, “If I update my LinkedIn profile and jazz it up, my boss will think I’m looking”. So, let’s cut that off at the pass. No, they won’t. In fact they'll never even know you've made changes if you turn off your profile update notifications.

The truth is your boss is busy and taking time out to review your LinkedIn profile won’t make it to his or her to do list, unless you’re an HR nightmare. So, considering you’re not an HR nightmare, turn your profile notifications off and you won't ring any alarm bells.

Rebranding Is A Good Thing

Again, I really do understand where you’re coming from. Rebranding is a big step. As a company, we have a lot invested in our brand. Including emotional attachment (I’ve been part of the team here since day 1) But, as a business we need to look at the next stage of our evolution, including how we can best serve you and our other clients. Rebranding will be painful for us, but it’s the right move for our future. The same is true for you. If you’re stuck in the last decade and unwilling to change, you’ll sit there forever. If you need help, tap me or our team. We’ll get your LinkedIn and/or Facebook profile on point! Because, first impressions matter! - Michael

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