Searching For A Meaningful Gift - There Is Still Time

Festivities are in full swing at our offices! In fact, it’s a crazy busy time for us as we ramp up for the new year and a new website – yippee!

While it’s been a lot for the team to manage, I am super excited about next year! In January, we're releasing a free training session to our VIP Newsletter members (that you can join in on too if you hit the subscribe button below!) It's a 7-week series that walks you through exactly what you need to do to launch an impactful job search next year. You'll love it, so please join in if you haven't already!

We're also launching a new brand, platform and website in 2018, which we are all super pumped about! Our new platform and services will not only be even easier for you to access, but will also provide you even more exposure to me and my team!

Overall, it's a lot to look forward to! But, our new brand, website and job search session isn’t the focus of this article – sorry, sidetracked by the exciting changes, not the spiked Egg Nog, I swear it!

So let's get to why you stopped by. Time is ticking, shipping last minute is getting tight, and you're still looking for a meaningful gift! Well, you're in luck because I have the perfect gift idea. Which is why I'd like to talk with you about finding a meaningful gift; not socks or a box of chocolates, but something truly impactful that goes beyond the moment of the holiday.

What Could Be More Impactful Than Your Job And Why I Love Mine

What I love about my job is the ability to help others chase their dreams. While some of the people we help hate their current job and career path, some just need direction. In either case, it’s rewarding to leave work each day knowing that I have helped someone tackle a career fear, land a new job, walk into an interview with a resume they are confident in or simply just be there to help them find their path!

So for me, it's easy to make the connection of how a career that you love is impactful and meaningful.

So, what if you could do what I do? Meaning, what if you could impact a friend or family members career in a positive fashion?

Imagine that instead of giving someone a trinket, that one day will find its way to the yard sale pile, you gave them the gift of career happiness.

Helping someone get past professional hurdles, build confidence and find their voice is rewarding and frankly an awesome feeling. And in my opinion, it's the best gift you can give someone.

What's The Point

At the end of the day, I guess what I am saying is our services change lives.

If you know someone who is professionally focused and always looking to step up, someone who is struggling professionally and needs direction, someone who is job searching or just a little bit lost in their career, consider helping them out by giving the gift of career happiness with a gift card for our services!

Helping a friend or family member reach their career goals is a gift that lasts after the rush of the holiday. Knowing you’re helping to enrich the life of a person and their family is pretty cool. And, our e-gift cards can be used for any of our services; they're easy to use and are delivered via email - no shipping hassle or cost - no missed deliveries or late gifts! Gift cards start at $25.00 - Purchase Yours Here

Looking For a DIY Version

So maybe you aren't looking to spend money but would still like to help a friend or family member tackle their career issues. How can you help them pursue career happiness?

Easy, just be there for them.

Sometimes just being there for a friend or family member when their career isn’t going well is a great gift. If you feel "being there" isn't enough, here are some ideas to help you give the gift of career happiness!

Revert to 2nd grade and create a “Coupon Book” with items friends and family can ask you to help with as they work to reach their professional goals.

  • Offer to watch the kids during their next job interview.
  • Spellcheck and review their resume for content and formatting errors (only if you know what is needed in a resume for their industry and market; you don't want to hinder their search if you're not skilled in keyword optimization etc.)
  • Help write a cover letter targeted to the position and hiring manager. (see above warning)
  • Help write their resume. If you understand ATS, keywords and targeted content, help a friend or family member by tackling their resume project with them.
  • Agree to do mock interviews with your friend or family member. Help them understand how to field behavioral questions and develop fact finding questions to better understand whether the position they are interviewing for is right for them.
  • You knew I’d mention this, consider buying them a ReResumeMe Gift Card which they can use towards any product or service we offer.

As you hit the mall this weekend to wrap up your shopping, think about the gifts you’re giving. Are they garage sale bound in 6 months or are they memorable items the recipient will be truly grateful to receive? Shop from your heart and give a Gift Card To Work With A Professional Certified Resume Writer and Career Coach! If you have questions, hit our contact us page on our site and reach out!  – Happy Holidays! – Carter

Trying To Figure Out Your Career? We Can Help

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gift card for resume services Help a friend or family member realize their professional potential by giving a meaningful gift this year!

About The Author

Carter is our resident coffee junkie and a member of our sales and marketing resume team. Having spent most of his professional career in sales management, Carter leans on his professional expertise to create unique, accomplishment based resumes that speak to the demands of hiring managers and current market trends. If you’d like to simplify your career, follow Carter and the rest of our team on Twitter and LinkedIn to get updates on careers, job search and resume best practices!