Key Steps To Begin A Job Search

Dreading Monday morning? Time to begin a job search! Looking for new career opportunities can be a stressful process; follow these steps to lighten the load!

While looking for a new job is never a cake walk, it will be easier and more productive when you understand exactly what you should be considering as you explore new roles. Take time to clearly define what you want to accomplish in your job search and map out a strategy. Slowing down and following a few keys steps along the way will ensure you won’t find yourself in a job your hate in six months later!

What Caused You To Begin A Job Search

Before you leap head first into a job search, take a minute to understand why you're looking to make a change. Sure, we all want more money, but is that really why you're unhappy?

When professionals become unhappy in their current role, they are often unable to easily articulate specifically why they are unhappy. It won't do you any good to actively seek out a new career opportunity if you don't clearly understand what you're leaving behind. So, before you begin your job search uncover why you want to make a change.

Your thoughts may immediately turn towards a lack of flexibility, a colleague who received the promotion you were chasing or your daily commute. While annoying, these things are usually isolated incidents that only add to a deeper concern you have with your current role.

It's important that you discover the true reason you are unhappy in your job. Once you understand why you want to leave your current position, you can then use that knowledge to find a new role that solves for your larger concerns.

What Are Your Long-Term Career Goals

Jumping from job to job without understanding how it will impact your long-term career goals is a mistake that will cost you time and money. Each time you make a lateral move, that doesn't get you closer to your long-term career goals, you're selling yourself short.

Making a lateral move a few times in your career is okay, provided you have a sound reason for the move. However, if you make a habit of moving into roles that that do not strengthen your skill set or industry knowledge, you'll ultimately find yourself with a resume that shows little progression or development in your career. Without career progression, you risk being tagged as a person who has reached their peak.

Be mindful to focus your job search on roles that provide you the opportunity to step up and take on new responsibilities.

What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses

As you begin your job search, you should be very clear on what your unique strengths and skills are. What accomplishments have you had in your career that a potential employer would value? What type of work do you excel in?

It's vital that you understand your strengths as you look at new opportunities. The work you excel in is typically work you're passionate about and enjoy doing. Clearly understanding your strengths and weaknesses allows you to target opportunities best suited to your career goals.

What Intangibles Are Important To You

Whether you desire a flexible schedule, the ability to telecommute or a boss who isn’t a micromanager, be certain you're able to clearly define your desires before you begin a job search.

Target companies that fulfill your list of intangible desires and don't settle. If you're patient with your job search, in time, you'll find an opportunity with an organization that aligns with your views on things like employee engagement, work life balance and community involvement.

Make Certain Your Next Move Is The Right Fit

There's never a guarantee you’ll love the work, the team or the organization when you make a career change. However, if you take time throughout your job search to filter out organizations and positions that don't align with your career goals, your professional strengths and your intangible needs, you’ll be less likely to make a mistake when accepting your next new position.

Still Confused?

Sometimes what is crystal clear to one person is foggy to another. That's where working with an Industry Certified Career Coach on job search strategy will help! We work in the fields we have professional experience in, which allows us to easily help you remove road blocks in your job search and reach your end goal of landing a great opportunity. Get Started with a Career Coach today!

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