Walk Softly And Carry A Targeted Resume

Resume makes the candidate, or at least an awesome resume gets your foot in the door, right? So, how do you make an epic resume that grabs attention?

With luck, you read our last post, Hey Millennials, Do You Like Your Job Search, if not head over to that post first.

Ok, now that you've read our last post, I guarantee you're putting technology to work in your job search and you’re stalking dream companies with the stealth of 007. But, what do you do next? How does all this stalking, liking, loving and mentioning lead to a great career opportunity with a dream company?

Well, I can answer that for you. Because of your engagement, you've wedged your foot in the door. You've made some basic introductions. But,  to blow that puppy open, you'll need to rely on your cat like reflexes and a targeted resume if you want to land that dream job!

Ready, Set, Go!

Through your social media prowess, you’ve landed on a few companies you really admire and would love to work for. Then out of the blue, your dream company posts a job on their social media profile that you are genuinely interested in. Now what?

  • Like, love or favorite their post about the new position immediately!
  • Follow up with a comment about their post. Pay careful attention to your communication style and follow the same voice they use for messaging. If they are generally witty, make a witty comment. If they are pressed and dressed, fall in line.
  • Follow the organizations requests in the post for the application process. Don’t DM them asking to share your resume unless they request that you do so. Just because you have buddied up with them online, doesn’t mean you can toss their professional requests out the window. You've not reached "bestie mode" just yet. So play the game!

Create A Targeted Resume And Targeted Cover Letter

Before you even consider sending your resume and cover letter, put your thinking cap on and get ready to create a targeted resume and targeted cover letter that speaks to the opportunity.

  • A great resume that gets noticed will align with the needs of the position. Most candidates submit a general resume to every position they apply to and become part of the pile. But, you aren’t most people and this is your dream company. Do it correctly, send a targeted resume that aligns your skills to the needs of the postion and show them why you are a fit for the open role!
  • If you think cover letters are out, think again! Not sending a cover letter is a lazy move. Take it one step further and send a targeted cover letter. By doing so, you’ll have a huge leg up on your competition. A targeted cover letter should be written to align your skills with the open role, highlighting why you are the person to hire. This is also a chance for you to share why you're interested in joining the organization. Hint: mention something you saw on their social media account that piqued your interest in the company. I guarantee no one else will do this and it will stand out!

Close The Deal- Land The Interview

After you’ve applied with your targeted resume and targeted cover letter it’s time to close the deal.

  • Post a quick update on social media and mention the company you applied to. For example, if I wanted to work for Nationwide Insurance, I could post “I just applied to @Nationwide for their XYZ position! Super excited about this opportunity wish me luck!”
  • Now let patience settle in. You can still engage with the company, but do so with the same level of frequency  you did before you applied to the open role. Do not mention the role or application again on social media, unless they reach out to you on a social platform.
  • Let traditional Human Resource processes unfold. Exhibit you understand business policies regarding HR and realize hiring can take time.
  • If a few weeks has passed and you haven’t heard from the company regarding your application, feel free to follow up via direct email and/or a phone call. Do not use social media for follow up.

Look, a successful job search isn't a one and done process. It takes work and can be frustrating. But if you put a plan in place, and follow it, you'll feel more in control and less freaked out! Tap me and my team for help to put an action plan in place! We'd love to help you find your happy place and actually enjoy your job search Contact us here! oh, and don't forget.... Be Amazing!  - Jeanna

*Stay tuned next week for our final post in this series!

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