Is Your Cover Letter Boring

Actively job searching? Then you know a cover letter is still very much an important piece of your resume package. So, if it's important, why is your cover letter boring?

If I am guessing correctly cover letter says somethin like this: To Whom It May Concern. It then goes on to point out everything you mention on your resume. Perhaps not everything on your resume, but all of the important pieces, right? If I am even remotely correct in my assumptions, it's time to ditch your current cover letter and replace it with a version that speaks to current market trends.

How Should You Write A Cover Letter

Before you begin writing your cover letter, you need to identify the objective of your letter. A cover letter is a marketing piece. It is a reflection of your professional brand and identity. It isn’t a resume and should not regurgitate resume bullets. A great cover letter should:

  • Speak to items you're unable to mention on a resume. For example, the ability to relocate or travel 75% of the time.
  • Highlight unique skills sets a potential employer will value.
  • Be structured around accomplishment based content to drive home your abilities and successes.
  • Highlight how you will positively impact the employer you're sending it to.

Keep It Brief

A well-crafted cover letter is not a review of your life. It's a brief one page document that's merely an introduction of you as an individual and as a candidate. It should be used to fill in the blanks of a resume, not reiterate what's already there.

When designed correctly, with a professional heading, introduction and close, the document will be very brief and concise. Keep in mind you're not drafting a novel. Be pointed, smart and direct with your message.

Don't Jazz Up Your Cover Letter With Design

Unless you're an artist or work in a unique marketing venue, keep your cover letter professional in design. Bright colors, odd fonts, unique backgrounds or images are distracting and often viewed as unprofessional. Your abilities and value proposition should be the only thing the reader focuses on when reading your cover letter.

Is Your Cover Letter Boring - Take An Objective View

Bounce your current cover letter off of my tips and see if there is room for improvement. Create a new cover letter with an entirely different approach and see if you agree that the second version is more interesting, impactful and less sterile.

When your cover letter is boring, it sends the wrong message about you and your capabilities. Put time into your cover letter, target it to each opportunity you're pursuing and send the right message to potential employers!

Can’t Get It Straight?

A cover letter is a unique marketing piece. You have a very condensed area to make a huge impact. Your professional brand and career potential will be received negatively if you aren’t able to articulate your unique skill set and potential. If you need help, let our Industry Certified Resume Writers craft you a unique cover letter for you. It's inexpensive, easy and worth the investment in your future! Whether you target your cover letter to a specific position or simply need a general cover letter for multiple opportunities, we make it easy. Simplify Your Career Now!

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