Why You Need A Targeted Cover Letter To Stand Out

Searching through job boards and shooting your resume out like it's on fire won't get your far. If you want to get ahead and stand out, better sharpen your pencil!

When you've been pounding the pavement, or more accurately your keyboard, looking for a new job so you can ditch the one you hate, it's super exciting once you finally land on a job description that's a perfect fit!

In your frenzy of excitement, you spill your latte, stub your toe and trip over the dog as you dash across the room to plug in your laptop before your battery dies. You click away at the dumb application questions, “no I’m not a criminal" you think. A quick upload of your resume and TADA you press send. Ahh, now you can settle in with a glass of wine and wait for the recruiter to be taken aback by your awesome resume!

After two weeks and no return call you’re starting to wonder, what gives? I am perfect for this role! Can’t they see I am a home run? Unfortunately, without a targeted resume and targeted cover letter the truth is no, they can’t see how your skills relate to their needs.

What's The Problem

Think about it, does your resume eloquently describe your current duties in great detail? Does it speak to the huge internal reporting issue you fixed? Does it taut your prowess with EPS? It does? Great, so what.

The problem is, no one but you and your peers know what EPS is. No one but you and your organization understand how large the “reporting” issue you corrected was. They certainly don’t understand what all of this has to do with them.

A targeted cover letter allows your introduce yourself and bridge the gaps on your resume.

How To Get Noticed Immediately

The key to getting noticed in a job search is the ability to define why you're a fit for an open position. Simply submitting a resume won't do. Take time to write a compelling cover letter that highlights why you're a must interview candidate for the role you're applying to.

The goals is to send a concise message that immediately connects with the job description. Doing so will compel the hiring manager to read your resume and ultimately interview you. When you writer your targeted cover letter correctly, it will do just that!

So, I know what you're thinking , "If a targeted cover letter is so important, then why do candidates ignore cover letters all together?" Bluntly, laziness and a lack of understanding that a targeted cover letter will open an otherwise closed door!

How To Write A Targeted Cover Letter

A targeted cover letter should be more than a regurgitation of what's already on your resume. Instead, focus on writing content that speaks to the job description through the use of accomplishment based content. When you tie your experience and skills to the needs of the open role, you'll grab a recruiter or hiring managers attention; driving them to read your resume. When attached to a targeted resume you'll have created a combo that easily articulates why you are a must interview candidate!

You’ve spent a lot of time searching for your dream job. Before applying, slow down, write a targeted cover letter and a targeted resume and your phone will start ringing! - Andi

What’s Next?

A Targeted Cover Letter allows you to share details a resume can't. Critical to separate you from the crowd, a Targeted Cover Letter allows you to tell your story and fully express why you are the perfect match for the position you are applying to! If you need help sorting it all out check out our correspondence services! We'll make sure you get the attention you deserve!

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About The Author

Andi is crazy about running and is a member of our Accounting and Finance resume writing and career coaching team. She has worked within the accounting and finance industry for nearly 13 years and is dedicated to helping you do more than count the beans! If you’d like to simplify your career, follow Andrea and the rest of our team on Twitter and LinkedIn to get updates on careers, job search and resume best practices!