Deal of a Lifetime!!! Ok, maybe deal of the month…

Our Jobkinz Are Busy

Hi! My name is Kennison. I am a Jobkinz at ReResumeMe and I’m burning the candle at both ends right now trying to come up with our next big resume and career coaching sale! I'm crunching numbers, writing proposals and scouring our social media feeds to collect your input on what our next sale should be!!

What's on the table right now? Correspondence items have been super popular lately and several of you have asked for savings there! What's that you say? Career Coaching discounts? Hum....let me ponder it!

Well, I still have a ton of data to plow through and I have no clue what our next sale will be or when I'll launch it, but I can ensure you this...if you’re hustling but your career is still going nowhere, our team of Certified Resume Writers and Career Coaches will have you pursuing your career goals, crushing your compensation goals and rockin' a boatload of confidence before you have time to tie your shoes! Team ReResumeMe knows exactly how to make your professional skills shine!

Whether you're active in the job market, chasing a dream promotion or just need some coaching to figure out if your career is coming or going – we've got your back! Feel free to check in for our next deal, but honestly why wait? It's none of my business I guess...but seriously...if you put off your professional goals one more day I’m just gonna scream!!! What are you waiting for? We'll be over here rewriting futures – one resume at a time! Let us know when you're ready to make a splash! – Later – Kennison!