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Writing your own resume seems easy enough, but once you begin it’s often times overwhelming and takes way more time than you may anticipate. Each step of the process can be frustrating, especially when you consider design, grammar and determining how to effectively market yourself- not to mention finding the time to actually sit down and write your resume. Candidly, those frustrations are the primary reason you turn to a professional resume writer for help. Buckling career coaching with resume writing allows you to tap into our knowledge base even further while executing your overall career strategy. Transformational in approach, ReResumeMe writers and coaches are Industry Certified to work in the fields they have professional experience in; providing valuable insight based off of real world expertise.

Known for taking a holistic view of an individual’s career, ReResumeMe focuses on guiding you through each stage of your career-from navigating a job search, to writing targeted resumes and professional business correspondence. We help you be your best you through coaching on a variety of topics including: how to negotiate a raise or job offer, grab a promotion, prepare for an interview, professional brand optimization, change your career focus, find work life balance or develop your leadership and management skills!

To help you get started we’ve put together a list of the questions we most frequently receive. We hope these will help along your journey towards loving Monday’s once more!

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on the quality of work we generate and always appreciate feedback from our clients. With our client’s permission, we submit testimonials they have provided on our site. To protect their personal information we only list their comments, first name, last initial and industry. You can check it out here

Super simple. The industries we specialize in were selected solely based off of our real world professional expertise. We aren’t interested in coaching or writing resumes in fields we don’t understand. We believe it’s imperative to mentor and develop you to reach your full potential, which can only be done if we understand your day-to-day work. Our Industry Certified Resume Writers (ICRW) (CPRW) have experience in your profession and are able to showcase your accomplishments by applying the terminology used in your field, while guiding you towards a path to reach your career goals. More plainly put, we know how to highlight keywords, skills and achievements on your resume that will stand out to hiring managers and satisfy applicant tracking systems or ATS. Our team currently works within accounting, finance, sales, marketing, social services, operations, human resources, investment operations, IT audit, financial audit and administrative roles at all career levels.

No. Our Industry Certified Resume Writers understand what your industry demands and responds to best, because we’ve worked in your field. Additionally, many companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to sort and screen resumes. ATS doesn’t respond well to overly formatted resumes and most templates are heavily formatted. Unfortunately, if your resume doesn’t make it past the system, you’re tossed out as a candidate before it reaches the desk of an actual hiring authority. ReResumeMe understands the latest screening tools and systems and will write your resume to highlight keywords and help bypass those technologies. We consistently fine tune our algorithms to stay in step with ATS.

We also believe asking you to pick a template, and simply filling it out for you, is a great disservice to you and isn’t what you are paying us to do. You’ve turned to ReResumeMe because we are experts in your industry and we know what the market in your industry is targeting. If you consider someone other than us, make certain you ask yourself if you are getting a customized document geared specifically to you or just a completed template.

Our team of Industry Certified Resume Writers and Industry Certified Career Coaches have professional experience in your field; accounting, finance, sales, marketing, social services, operations, human resources, investment operations, IT audit, financial audit and administrative roles. You will be partnering with an individual who has direct professional experience and knowledge in your vocation. They understand the job market in your field and have knowledge of what trends, skills and technical acumen hiring managers in your area of expertise are looking for. ReResumeMe will quickly set you apart from your competition because we understand what your day-to-day work entails. We're your career coaching and resume writing experts. Rewriting futures- one resume at a time!

Frankly, no we do not. When you work with us we embrace you as an individual. We owe it to you to create a document that embodies your skills and expertise to help you reach your goals; each resume is designed with your career in mind. For that reason, we don’t think it makes sense to show generic samples when that’s not what we provide our clients.

Our writers and coaches are Industry Certified (ICRW & ICCC) and are also Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW) through PRWA. We have real world professional expertise in the fields of accounting, finance, sales, marketing, human resources, social services, operations, investment operations, IT audit, financial audit and administrative roles. We have direct experience running and starting companies, managing sales teams, directing HR and talent acquisition teams, managing and owning recruiting companies, overseeing and directing accounting and finance teams, managing marketing teams and running business operations from a variety of industries. Our experience ranges from true start-up companies to Fortune 30 enterprises.


So, your resume is a little wordy you say? It sounds like you may need a resume built for you! You will benefit from working with a writer who can succinctly represent your professional skills. If you have a position in mind you are pursuing, then adding a targeted resume to your resume build is the perfect fit for you. While the current trend is for a detailed resume, that will in most cases exceed one page, you want to make sure it isn’t a diary of your professional life.

Because of the amount of time and collaboration that goes into a longer resume, we do not provide our Resume Editing service for resumes longer than two pages. If your resume is longer than two pages, you should select the Resume Build service, which focuses on resumes up to four pages long. Because resumes longer than four pages are not recommended by us as an effective tool for you, we do no edit or build resumes longer than four pages.

Unfortunately, CV creation and editing isn’t a product we focus on. The vocations we work in currently demand a resume that highlights skills and accomplishments effectively, not a CV. For that reason, we recommend a Resume Edit or Resume Build. If you have a specific position in mind you are applying to, then a Targeted Resume Edit or Targeted Resume Build is the perfect fit for you.

Absolutely. Perhaps you’ve already landed a new role and just need help with a professional resignation letter; if that’s the case than obviously one letter will suffice. However, if you’re just starting your search and realize you need a cover letter, you may also discover you need a polished resume and help getting your job search started. In these instances, we encourage you to check out our bundled plans. You’ll quickly see you’re getting a better value to bundle products versus buying them one at a time. Our best value and most popular bundle is our Job Explosion- Targeted Resume Build Bundle. This gives you Targeted Correspondence, Career Coaching and a Targeted Resume Build all in one conveniently packaged bundle. We also offer a Resume Edit Bundle and a Resume Build Bundle. You can learn more about our bundled items here Check It Out

While a well written resume sends a solid message to an employer that you are the person they should hire, you need to make sure the hiring manager reads it first! A cover letter does just that.

A cover letter allows you “talk” to your audience and draw them in. It allows you to mention topics you can’t share in a resume. For instance, perhaps you want to mention your ability to travel or relocate; you can’t get that message across in a resume. A cover letter goes beyond the boundaries of a resume. A well-crafted cover letter is an insight into not only your professional accomplishments, but also other intangible considerations that make you a match for an organization. Simply put, your cover letter says “Pick Me”!

We offer a Cover Letter when you need a document with broader reach, but recommend a Targeted Cover Letter when you are targeting a specific role. A Targeted Cover letter is written to align your skills with a specific job description you share with us. It will send a very direct message to a hiring manager that you’re a fit by matching by your skills with their needs. A Targeted Cover Letter is a unique introduction that markets your skills effectively.

We would definitely recommend a Resume Edit in this instance. This service is great if you have a decent resume but it is missing impact statements, keywords, detail and polish to separate you from the crowd. An Industry Certified Resume Writer in your field will polish your resume to better highlight your skills, attributes and successes. If you have blinders on surrounding your resume’s awesomeness (or lack thereof) you’ll be surprised by the impact a professional resume writer can make.

Additionally, if you are targeting a specific role at a company, you should select a Targeted Resume Edit. Your Industry Certified Resume Writer will align your resume to a job description you’ve submitted for the role you are pursuing. Your resume will be edited to align your skills with the needs of the role through content development and key word alignment. You’ll have a great tool to show a hiring manager why you’re a perfect match for their team. In today’s market having a “decent” generic resume doesn’t cut it, you need a great resume that says “I’m all that and a bag of chips”!

With a Resume Build, your resume is written from scratch by an Industry Certified Resume Writer. Your new resume is based on an online questionnaire you complete, a 45 minute phone consultation with your writer and any supporting documentation you provide, such as an existing resume. You also get unlimited email interaction and unlimited revisions for up to a week (5 business days) after you receive your first draft. Your new resume may be up to four pages long, depending on your experience, projects, and other information.

With a Resume Edit, your resume is updated and polished by an Industry Certified Resume Writer. You get unlimited email interaction (phone interaction not included) and up to two revisions for up to a week (5 business days) after you receive your first draft. Your edited resume will be no longer than two pages. Resume Edit is for resumes up to two pages in length, while Resume Build is best for resumes up to four pages.

A Targeted Resume Build or Targeted Resume Edit is designed to best support your career search when you have a specific role you are interested in pursuing. The targeted resume products include items mentioned in the above Resume Build and Resume Edit descriptions, plus you’ll receive an additional 15 minutes of phone consultation. With a Targeted resume product, your resume will be content driven to align your professional experience to a job description you provide to us. This focused writing technique will connect the dots between your technical skill set and the needs of the specific role you are applying to or interviewing for. A Targeted resume helps a hiring manager easily understand how your skills line up with their needs. This will likely cause them to pull your resume out of the pile because they can easily understand the impact you’ll have on their team and company. You can see a side-by-side comparison of Resume Writing, Editing and Targeted resume features here…Check It Out.


We feel our questionnaire is a vital piece of our partnership with you because it allows us to get to know you professionally. We are able to assess your career interests and assign you the best writer and/or coach for your needs. This selection is based on your industry and experience/career level. Additionally, we are looking for extra detail you may not have considered putting in your resume or sharing with your coach. The questionnaire will also let us better understand the type of positions you're looking at. This allows us to tap into our expertise in your industry and align your resume and/or professional correspondence with the needs of hiring manager reading your resume.

Unfortunately, no. ReResumeMe is focused in the United States with English speaking clients. While we’d love to be super human with the ability to speak and write in every language, we humbly admit, we can’t. All documents you submit must be in English and will be returned to you in the same. We do not translate documents into other languages.

Yep, we love helping students! The worlds your oyster and it’s rewarding to help you get your career started on the right foot! As you enter the work force you’ll probably try a few different roles until you land on one that truly suits you. Until then, we can help you land your first real job, internship or part-time gig through career coaching, professional correspondence or resume writing.

Sorry, we do not evaluate resumes prior to ordering. If you are not getting interviews or your job search isn’t netting you job offers, odds are your resume needs some help! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Things are gonna change, we can feel it!

If you’ve worked with a writer or coach at ReResumeMe in the past, you can absolutely request to work with that same person again. If you’re new to ReResumeMe, we will match you with the coach or writer best suited to help you reach your goals.

Career Coaches and Resume Writers work flex schedules within the business hours of Monday – Friday 7am – 6:30pm EST. Phone conversations with writers and coaches are scheduled on a first come first serve basis once we receive your completed questionnaire and any supporting documentation needed. However, we are extremely flexible and will try to accommodate your schedule. Please keep in mind our writers work with multiple clients across the United Sates simultaneously and we need to fit everyone in…(all while maintaining a personal life) Just know we value your time and we know you want the undivided attention of your writer or coach during your scheduled time with them; that’s exactly what you can expect. Remember investing in your career is important, schedule it as such and you’ll reap the rewards.

We carefully analyze your background and professional experience and partner you with an Industry Certified Resume Writer (ICRW) (CPRW) or Industry Certified Career Coach (ICCC) who will enhance your career search. We firmly believe you should partner with an individual who provides professional experience in your field at the next level. It isn’t helpful to work with a generalist who doesn’t understand your professional experience. That’s why we assign you a writer or coach who understands your expertise and can help you market yourself effectively. However, if you’ve previously worked with ReResumeMe, you may request the same writer or coach, just send us an email.

We work in accounting, finance, sales, marketing, social services, operations, human resources, investment operations, IT audit, financial audit and administrative roles. This includes all aspects and levels in these vocations. If your professional focus includes any aspect of the above mentioned vocations we can help you, but, if you’re a doctor, no such luck. We trust you understand your line of work and whether or not the day-to-day functions you perform are directly in, or in direct support of accounting, finance, sales, marketing, social services, operations, human resources, investment operations, IT audit, financial audit and administrative areas. If that’s the case we are the team for you. If not, keep calm, have a snack and regroup. You’re welcome to email us on our contact us page and we’ll direct you to the right service to help you if possible.

ReResumeMe was built with a team focus in mind. Each writer and coach collaborates with an internal team to ensure they are delivering the best work possible to you. While you will only work with the writer or coach assigned to you, they will work with their internal partners to ensure the work they are providing aligns with your goals as well as our industry certified assessment standards. Each team has editors reviewing their work to check for grammatical errors, presentation errors, format, design, flow and overall appeal to your industries job market.

You know it! It’s your living breathing document to do with as you please. We deliver your final resume in an editable Microsoft Word, PDF and text-only (ASCII) version. We can also update and edit your resume for you down the line, just select resume edit from our products page and we’ll get on it!


From receipt of your completed questionnaire, completed additional documentation (needed with specific products) and, if applicable, scheduled phone conversation with your writer- you'll have your new resume in your inbox within 7 business days for Resume Build products and 5 business days for Resume Edit products. If that's not quick enough, we do offer the option for a rush order.

You select which service, product and upgrades you want, create an account and then purchase your selections from our secure checkout. We will email you a link to complete our online questionnaire. Depending on which tool you utilize to create your account with us, you may also receive a second email containing your unique login and password- which allows you to log into our system to check your order status, order new products or just chill with us online.

Once you’ve completed your questionnaire (which typically takes 30-40 minutes) and uploaded any additional information, for example a job description for targeted items, we’ll begin working on your order and you’ll be assigned a coach and/or writer. Depending on the level of service you purchase, you may also receive an email to schedule a phone conversation to discuss your career goals and resume with your writer.

Again, as a reminder, work does not begin until we receive your online questionnaire, current resume and your initial phone conversation (if applicable) is completed. Once we receive the items just mentioned, the clock starts ticking. You will receive a first draft of any edit products you have purchased within 5 business days and 7 business days on build products. You can then continue to collaborate with your writer to revise your resume with unlimited ability to do so for one week (5 business days) on build products and two revisions for one week (5 business days) on edit products. Correspondence has much quicker turn times. If Resume Build or Resume Edit products are needed faster, you can rush your order for an additional charge.

You bet we do! We guarantee your resume will meet all industry standards defined by the Professional Association of Resume Writers (PARW) and ReResumeMe’s standard of excellence- A Player Career Enablement Professionals (ACEP). If during the process of professional correspondence, resume editing or resume writing you are not completely satisfied with your writer or the product delivered, please let us know and we will work to address your concern or assign a new editor to help you reach your goals. Please see our terms and conditions for more detail.

If you’ve purchased a Career Coaching product, we are dedicated to partner you with an Industry Certified Career Coach who can best help you with your specific industry and career coaching needs. However, because career coaching can result in some tough conversations- that often times requires introspective participation- it’s important to consider sometimes those conversations may be hard to swallow. After stepping back and reflecting, we’re confident you’ll value conversations with your career coach as well as the positive impact career coaching will have on your professional growth from a short and long-term perspective. However, if your career coach just isn’t a fit for you, we ask that you simply request a new career coach for future sessions you purchase. Please see our terms and conditions for more detail.

All documents are delivered in Microsoft Word, PDF and text-only (ASCII) version. ASCII files are non-formatted, so you can easily copy and paste into emails and online forms.

You can rest assured your purchase at ReResumeMe.com is SSL secure. Your personal information is encrypted, including your name and address, as you proceed through the checkout process. The highest level of security is used to ensure your credit card or payment information is protected.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Gift Card payments.

No, we do not offer refunds. All sales are final. Because the work our writers and career coaches produce is a service that requires hours of collaboration we are not able to refund purchases. We would be super bummed if you weren’t happy with our service, but if that’s the case we will work with you to make it right.


Simple! Visit our products page and choose the best option for you.

That’s a loaded question. It varies depending on your skill set, industry and overall career level. The resume of an established Project Manager is going to flow much differently than an Accountant who is two years out of college. A CFO’s resume will look different than a Finance Manager and a VP of Sales will look different from a Sales Representative. So, long story short, it really depends on the circumstance and level of experience. A one page resume isn’t sufficient in most cases, unless you’re very early in your career. They key to a great resume is enough detail to truly impact the reader and draw them in, while making sure it’s well defined by eliminating useless content. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! We know exactly how to make your star shine brightest!

You know we can! We’ve helped tens of thousands of job seekers re-enter the workforce, break into a new industry, transition from military to a civilian career, enter the workforce from college or advance in their current careers. Our expertise focused in accounting, finance, sales, marketing, social services, operations, human resources, investment operations, IT audit, financial audit and administrative roles means your Industry Certified Resume Writer knows what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in the industry you want to enter. Our writers and coaches are mentors you can count on!

Some will say yes, without question and others say no, but honestly we think it depends on your goals. Surveys show you have 6 seconds to engage a reader reviewing your resume. Keeping that in mind, a generic resume may give a good overview of your skills, but it may not speak to a specific job outline you are interested in pursuing. If a reader can’t easily connect the dots on how your skills match their needs, they may quickly assume you aren’t a match. A resume targeted to a specific job outline will easily bridge those gaps by quickly hitting the reader with keywords they are targeting, thereby making it easier for them to understand how your skills match their needs. A resume geared towards a specific outline will also more easily pass ATS (applicant tracking systems) by utilizing keywords.

However, if you haven’t decided on the exact role for you, or are just beginning to float your resume out to your network, a general resume that is well written and articulates your overall skillset will suffice. At a later date, a targeted resume will be an effective tool to add to your toolbox once you land on a specific job opening you’d like to apply for. You can read more about targeted resumes on our blog Check It Out

If you've been out of the workforce for a while, it's important for your resume to show you haven’t lost touch with your industry and that you have kept your skills current. A gap in employment isn’t the end of the world provided the reason for the gap makes sense. A professional Industry Certified Resume Writer will help you present your skills and market yourself effectively; highlighting how your skills are relevant while eliminating any concerns regarding gaps in employment and showcasing you know what it takes to succeed.

In terms of career coaching, you will definitely benefit from working with an Industry Certified Career Coach as you re-enter the job market; specifically when focusing on job search strategy and interview preparation. Your coach will help you build confidence when interviewing and determine how to answer the tough questions surrounding any employment gaps. We’ve found the gap itself usually isn’t a huge concern to an employer, provided they feel comfortable with your answers surrounding the reason a gap exists. Getting back into the swing of a job search is hard and we can help you navigate your search so you aren’t spinning your wheels.

Candidly, you might. Resume services vary in their level of service and expertise. Your resume may not be polished as well as it should be. It may not be speaking to your audience with enough industry focused detail. The company you hired may use templates or perhaps they wrote your resume in a very general fashion. Any of these reasons could prevent your resume from landing on the desk of a decision maker. If you are shaking your head “yes” reading this then, you should consider a Resume Edit or Targeted Resume Edit.

This one is easy to mess up. Basically, you need to focus on connecting the dots between the new role and field you are targeting and the experience and skills you bring to the table. Unless you have a professional mentor in the field you’re interested in, who understands what a hiring manager in this space needs, you should contact a professional resume writer who specializes in the new field you are interested in. A professional resume writer will have the experience to help highlight your skills and showcase how you will be an asset to your new field of interest.

Format absolutely matters. It’s often a forgotten piece of the resume puzzle. So much focus is put on content, that design, layout and format are forgotten. You can have the best content imaginable on your resume, but if it doesn’t flow well, is overly decorated and reads like a novel or task list, it will land in the rejection pile.

Many times candidates turn to automated resume builders, which seem helpful in theory. However, most applicant tracking systems (ATS) have trouble reading resumes built from templates. The resulting document from a resume builder often times becomes jumbled, is missing impact statements and keywords, or has formatting errors when downloaded into ATS. This raises a huge alarm for electronic resume filters or ATS and may result in your resume not making it through the parsing system and to an actual hiring manager. Placing keywords correctly can only be done by a person. An Industry Certified Resume Writer with experience in your field knows the proper resume formats for your industry and career level; giving you a better shot at landing an interview for the job you want.

Your industry may require a chronological resume, a heavily technical resume or in some cases a cleaner format. In any case, our writers know what hiring managers are looking for and how to make your skills and qualifications shine. If you have questions, your ReResumeMe writer will share with you why they selected a specific format for you.

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