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Resume Edit - More Info

Your current resume is polished and revamped by an Industry Certified Resume Writer with professional experience in your field. Using the latest formatting techniques, as well as key terms from your industry, you’ll receive a unique resume ensuring you get pulled out of the crowd!

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Target Your Resume - More Info

Ensure your skills match a hiring managers needs by targeting your resume to a specific opportunity you’re pursuing. You’ll submit a job description and an Industry Certified Resume Writer, with professional experience in your field, will develop content to align your resume with the opportunity, ensuing you’re a match. Now you can easily show a hiring manager why you’re a perfect fit!

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Resume Build - More Info

Eliminate stress from your life and job search. Let our Industry Certified Resume Writers, with professional experience in your field, create a custom resume for you from scratch. Utilizing key industry terms and focused resume trends, content will be created to deliver you a compelling, interview landing resume!

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More Stuff

Professional Correspondence Info  
Cover Letter Share details a resume can’t. You’ll show them who you are and make an awesome first impression! Buy Now
Targeted Cover Letter Chasing a specific opening? A cover letter targeted to the role will show the hiring manager why they can’t pass you up! Buy Now
Thank You Hello snoresville; don’t send a boring thank you. We’ll make you a snazzy letter highlighting your skills. Buy Now
Targeted Thank You You’re not generic, so don’t send a generic thank you! Let us target your thank you to the position you interviewed for and highlight why you’re a perfect fit! Buy Now
Resignation Letter You don’t have to go home…but you gotta get outta here! Make sure your exit is professional with our resignation letter. Buy Now
Acceptance Letter Do yourself a solid and make sure it's in writing. We'll design a letter that spells out important details of your offer to ensure everyone’s on the same page. Buy Now
Interview Preparation Don't let sweaty palms ruin your big chance! Spend an hour with a coach from your industry and sharpen your interview skills. Buy Now
Offer and Salary Negotiation Get what you deserve! A coach from your industry will help you negotiate an offer, get a better raise or simply put guardrails around relocation and offer viability. Buy Now
Career Coaching Sometimes you just need a little help along the way. A coach from your industry will help you navigate career challenges and sharpen your skills. Buy Now
Social Media and Branding It's a selfie dominated world. A coach from your industry will help you understand what works to get you noticed professionally. Buy Now
Job Hunt Coaching Missing a job offer? Don't worry we’re on the case. A coach from your industry will help you solve the job hunt puzzle. Buy Now

Why Do I Need A Professionally Written Resume?

Relying on a resume template to launch an epic job search? Don't hold your breath; your success won't be as epic as you're imagining! Why? Because, your resume is likely missing critical keywords, ATS optimization and professional branding. Basically, your generic resume blends in with the pile, making it difficult to land interviews. Consider this, your resume is the key to landing not only a great career opportunity, but also higher compensation. Which is exactly why you need to hire a professional who understands how to write a compelling resume.

Our team of professional resume writers understand nuisances in design, formatting and terminology that hiring managers expect to see on a resume in today’s job market. Your resume isn’t meant to be a document that says what you’ve done, it’s meant to show a hiring manager what you can do! An awesome resume will reflect your professional brand and unique abilities, while showcasing your business acumen; signaling that you're a high caliber candidate. When you leverage a polished professional brand, negotiating a higher job offer is a foregone conclusion. With a resume from ReResumeMe, you'll experience an increase in interviews, confidence and market visibility. Think about it like this, your resume is your marketing piece; your tool to unlock a brighter future and dream career. With so much at stake, why wouldn’t you want a resume written by a professional resume writer with real world experience in your industry? Ready? Click resumes to rewrite your future!


Why Partner With ReResumeMe?

Because we understand you; it's that simple! Choosing a resume writer or career coach who has experience in your field and industry is important. If your writer or coach doesn’t understand your day to day responsibilities and career path, they will lack the knowledge base needed to establish your professional brand and positon you as an A Player in your field.

At ReResumeMe, we match you with one of our Industry Certified Resume Writers or Career Coaches who has worked in your area of expertise. Matches are made based on career level, industry focus and career needs. Our coaches and writers are certified in the industries in which they possess professional experience. Meaning, you won’t partner with someone who has a sales background if you’re an accountant! Our experience spans nearly every industry and vocation; with nearly two decades of human capital experience, it’s safe to say we understand how to market your skills and help you face career obstacles head on! After all, you don’t visit a mechanic when you have a sore throat, do you? Check out our FAQ's to learn more about our process, capabilities and team!


What’s Coaching All About?

Finding a mentor to help you unravel the myriad of career issues you’ll face as professional is paramount to your overall success. When you tap a ReResumeMe career coach, you'll receive transparent and honest advice surrounding your strengths, weakness and overall career strategy. Bouncing professional ideas, plans and struggles off your coach allows you to view your professional path from a different perspective. Expanding your career trajectory, professional strategies and goals.

Tapping into your unique needs, your career coach will challenge you to stretch, and at times, maybe even slow down; fine tuning your program to accommodate your individual progression. Our coaching programs are designed to provide one on one guidance to help you develop short and long-term career goals, crush your job search, negotiate your compensation like a boss and polish your leadership skills! Career Coaching topics are selected by you and can be mixed and matched when you purchase multiple sessions in bulk. After each one hour session, you'll walk away with a tangible action plan to help you progress professionally. To show measured progress, we find most individuals need 3-5 coaching sessions, focused on one topic, but you're welcome to begin with one session and expand from there. Click coaching to launch your first session!